What It Takes!

Random: Hey look there’s a chick in the lobby!

Random2: Hey SkepTic Eclipse are you fat?

SkepTic Eclipse: Nope

Random: Yeah sure I bet you are fat and ugly!

(After I beat them in the first round)

Random2: Hey SkepTic Eclipse we gotta get  you on our team!


About Me

Hi, I’m Keshea. I’m a registrar at my local hospital and a business owner of my own. I have been playing video games since I was a little kid around the age of 4.

I am happily marride to another gamer Mike (aka SkepTic Driller) with whom I have 2 kids who I intend to introduce to the gaming world as soon as they start showing interest. Which in our house should be soon! I am a member of the clan SkepTic Nation on Call Of Duty: AW and have become very close to the most active members there including SkepTic SoIar, SkepTic Subset, SkepTic Alarm, Catalyst and a few more.

Beyond video games I am a lover of crafts, special events and showing support for my community. When I’m not chasing down trophies and achievements, I love spending time with my family, creating new projects and attending festivals to show off my work.

Want to know more?

Send me your questions and I will post them here!